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Total Records Found: 6857, showing 20 per page
Last NameFirst Name
Alls Welford L.
Almeida Margaret Ann (Hill)
Altice Bertie R. (Mrs.)
Altice Crystal Marie Spangler
Altice Enith Ella King
Altice Ernest Milton
Altice Ethel Kelley
Altice Fletcher Blane
Altice Juanita Marie Hollandsworth
Altice Lloyd A. (Bill)
Altice Mary Ella
Altice Nannie Alice (Infant)
Altice Perry Wilbert
Altis Charles E. (Moved from the Lawrence Family Cemetery, Floyd VA)
Altizer Baby
Altizer Ethan Michael
Altum Hazel W.
Alyso Joe
Amos Arthur Clarence
Anders Gerald Randolph

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