Cedar Lawn Memorial Park Tree Planting Project

Cedar Lawn Memorial Park, Roanoke, VA Tree Planting ProjectThe tree project is under way. Our staff is currently relocating most of the fill dirt accumulated over the years to a land fill in Salem. We are also moving most of the Granite from Cedar Lawn to Fair View in an effort to clean up site. Burial Vaults are being moved to make room for the tree company to come in and cut down all the pines in back of the Garden of Devotion.

Tree Planting Project at Cedar Lawn Memorial Park, Roanoke, VirginiaPat Bergeron will begin cutting and grinding all stumps and roots close to November 26th and will call one week before work is to begin. This project will take him and his Company approximately four days to one week to complete.

Pine Ridge Nursery is currently placing an order for 30 Green Emerald Cypress trees 7 feet tall and they are going to start planting them early spring of 2013. We will see an immediate result and the Maintenance will be screened from View with out obstructing the skyline.